The List of Radiology Fellowships UK

Radiology Fellowships UK


The increasing competitiveness in medicine, especially in the field of radiology requires physician a more advanced clinical and academic training. Radiology fellowships UK as well as radiology fellowships in USA offer modern academic and clinical training from universities and training centers – the best in the west. And a perfect radiation oncology personal statement will help you get into the program!

The following are among the best radiology fellowship UK with outstanding evaluations.

  1. University College Hospital, London: UCLH’s Department of Radiology is one of the best well-found radiology facilities in UK. It has the most modern equipment, enabling radiologist with the extensive clinical practice. They offer interventional radiology, ultrasound (except gynecological and breast) CT, MRI, digital X-ray and fluoroscopy.

  2. University Hospital Southampton NHS Trust: They are the biggest radiology service in the country and offer the best radiology fellowship indeed. With biggest and most modern hospitals as partners, University Hospital Southampton provides pediatric radiology, cardiothoracic and ultrasound equipment. They also have the most advanced MRI scanners and X-rays. They offer radiology fellowship training programs in one- or two-year scheme. Among their specialty fellowship is the abdominal interventional radiology with emphasis on interventional oncology and related imaging.

  3. Christie Hospital, Manchester: As a leading European cancer center, Christie Hospital offers the mostcomplete Oncological Imaging Service, CT Scan, MRI, Ultrasound, Diagnostic Fluoroscopy, Vascular and non-Vascular Intervention, Nuclear Medicine including PET-CT. Christie Hospital offers Interventional Radiology for one year.

  4. KSS Deanery Specialty School of Clinical Radiology.With hospital partners all over UK, they provide outstanding radiology fellowship with emphasis on quality and patient safety. Their academic standards and curricula are based on the real patient needs with real patient interactions in the field of pediatric, chest, oncological imaging, neuroradiology and musculoskeletal radiology. They have training posts in three different regions including Kent, Surrey and Sussex. All three base regions offer different services that applicant can choose from.

  5. St. Mark’s Hospital: Most common for medicine students, St. Mark also offers the best radiology fellowships in UK, the finest in Salt Lake area. It is equipped with the most updated digital screening facilities including ultrasound scanners.

Fellowship application forms and details are available on their websites. Also you will need personal statement for fellowship.

Visit them now and see the best fellowship program offers for you!