The List of Radiology Fellowships in USA

Radiology Fellowships in USA


The development in radiology, one of the most significant bases of diagnosis in medicine continues to advance and so are physicians. Radiology fellowships in USA as well as radiology fellowships in India provide training for physicians to advance their knowledge and skills in the field of radiology.

The following list contains the fellowship in radiology in USA, one from each coast.

  • New York University (East Coast): Surrounded with the best hospitals, New York University offers 10 various fellowship programs. NYU is one of the most leading radiology fellowships in USA that uses the most advanced and state-of-the-art facilities and equipment to teach fellows the clinical and science research. Their fellowship programs in breast imaging, interventional radiology, and musculoskeletal radiology give emphasis on diagnostic and interventional skills.

  • University of Washington (West Coast): Composed of experienced faculty members, UW’s Department of Diagnostic Radiology offers one-year fellowship program. Since 1979, UW has continued to produce top-notch medical professionals in radiology. The university selects its fellows very carefully. As the matter of fact, they only accept eight deserving fellows yearly. It is the only institution to offer ACGME-accredited abdominal/body imaging fellowship program on the West Coast.

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  • Stanford University (West Coast):Stanford is known to be the best in producing medical practitioners all over the world. The university’s Department of Radiology offers numerous fellowship training — from abdominal or body imaging down to thoracic imaging fellowship. Known for its strict selection and policies, Stanford University lives up by the name and quality training for many years.

  • University of Pittsburgh (Midwest): One of the most respected post-residency in the country, UP’s Department of Radiology offers various fellowship training programs. With almost 200 dedicated clinical and research faculty, UPMC is one of the country’s biggest and most dynamic radiology departments today. The university offers the best clinical and academic training using sophisticated imaging equipment.

  • North Carolina University (South): Accredited by ACGME, NCU offers fellowship in abdominal imaging, breast imaging, musculoskeletal, neuroradiology, nuclear medicine and vascular-interventional. Trained by the country’s best radiologist, NCU continue to produce the best fellow and landed with the best hospitals and healthcare facilities worldwide.

Visit each university’s website for more information on their radiology fellowship programs. Apply at the best schools you think would help you become the professional you can be.

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