The List of Radiology Fellowships in Australia

Radiology Fellowships in Australia


When you have a plan in applying for radiology fellowship Australia or radiology fellowships in Canada, you should thoroughly search and choose carefully. This step is important so make sure you will not miss the chance in having the best but if you don’t have much time searching, this list of top leading programs will help you to make a decision and a good personal statement radiation oncology residency will help you get admitted.

Radiology Fellowships in Australia Top List

  • Dartmouth Hitchcock: The fellowship program of the school is offering a full range of non-vascular and vascular imaging procedure as well as clinical experience. Students will need to adapt to new challenges with the application of interventional radiology and principles of surgery. Depending on what interest you choose, you can also practice, neurointervention, research and vascular imaging.

  • University of Sydney: The fellowship program objective is to provide fellows with a comprehensive, supervised and organized educational experience including opportunity to perform, conduct, interpret and consult non-invasive and invasive procedures. Fellows will also develop their radiology knowledge, participate in numerous interdisciplinary conferences and others.

  • University of Melbourne: The department of radiology of the school is one of the best. They also have renowned faculty that offering a wide array of great research, education and clinical service with deep commitment in disseminating and developing subspecialty expertise.

  • University of Queensland: The university is one of the best schools in the country that offering radiology. It is well known and with them, you have the assurance to meet your need. Everything you need to learn will be obtained. The school is your help to know and have what you need to know about radiology and to your chosen specialty.

  • Monash University: When it comes to the department of radiology of the university, they are offering general radiography, computer tomography, digital vascular imaging, magnetic resonance imaging and general ultrasound in facilitating entry to radiography profession. The best thing with the school is that they have a strong emphasis on development of clinical competency in computer tomography and general radiography.

There you go the best choices when it comes to fellowship radiology program. The schools listed are top notch in the nation and you are guaranteed to receive a high quality of education so start to choose and enroll today so that you can become an outstanding physician of your generation.

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