The List of Radiology Fellowships in Canada

Radiology Fellowships in Canada


Radiology fellowships in Canada including radiology research fellowship are a good option for fellows who want to pursue their medical career. The country is a good choice and it has lots of great universities you can enroll at, though you may have to write  a good personal statement for radiology, as well as nephrology fellowship personal statement. If you are looking for the best schools you can apply for, read this!

List of Fellowship in Radiology in Canada

  • University of Calgary: The University of Calgary is offering one to two year neuroradiology fellowships. When it comes to the two year neuroradiology training program of the school, it is accredited by Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. If students complete the program, students will be eligible to make write PCPSC certification examination. The best thing with the fellowship is that it covers all aspects on neuroradiology with the use of imaging techniques which include CT, MRI, catheter angiography and ultrasound.

  • St. Joseph’s Hospital: They are offering musculoskeletal radiology fellowship wherein it is a comprehensive twelve month program which includes ultrasound, MRI, CT, X-ray and musculoskeletal intervention. Students will also expose to a broad range of orthopedic disease, responsible for reporting and coordinating musculoskeletal imaging studies.

  • University of Manitoba: The University is one of the largest institutions in the nation and when it comes to their radiology training program, they ensure to provide the best education for students. They help fellows to learn the function and learn how to perform diagnostic imaging. The program is accredited by RCPSC or also known as Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

  • University of Toronto: The institution is offering vascular and interventional radiology fellowship program to students. It is a one year fellowship and it is important that fellows must need to complete the radiology program and become a certified RCPSC in diagnostic imaging.

There are still lots of universities you can search on the web if you do not want the listed universities above. Many of the institutions in Canada are accredited and offering a fellowship program that helps you in reaching your full potential. If you only want the best for yourself, you need to choose carefully. You need to only apply for the best fellowship radiology program in order to meet your needs, achieve your goals and more.