Different Breast Imaging Fellowships

Breast Imaging Fellowships


Breast imaging or mammogram is an important test to diagnose breast cancer on women. Breast imaging fellowships as well as body imaging fellowships are clinical programs that aim to develop and improve physicians’ skills in conducting mammogram. There are numerous accredited hospitals and renowned universities that offer such fellowship program. Some of them are listed below.

  1. New York University: The NYU breast imaging fellowship can be completed through three one-year programs. They provide the most comprehensive breast imaging training programs and covering all features and interventional procedures. The fellowship training includes several conferences, lectures (abdominal and MRI physics) and research study.

  2. Massachusetts General Hospital: MGH breast imaging fellowship is one of the most complete training programs in mammography. With their cutting-edge technology, expert staff, diverse medical studies and internal research program, they provide the most comprehensive features of diagnostic, screening, interventional radiology and research on breast imaging.

  3. University of Chicago:Their breast imaging fellowship training program features a year of non-accredited clinical fellowship. It covers a supervised involvement in applying and interpreting image breast image results. They train their fellows not only in the academe but also disclose the real life situations such as patient and physician interactions, techniques, procedures and surgical observations.

  4. Emory breast imaging fellowship: Emory University has one-year breast imaging fellowship based on the new and reviewed curriculum on Breast Imaging of the American College of Radiology/Society. It is known to be the origin of the best mammography techs and physicians in numerous hospitals in the country. Their curriculum is among the most comprehensive training materials that cover the academic and clinical studies for fellows. They have training for interpreting and diagnosing screened mammograms – including the digital tomosynthesis. Fellows who finished in Emory breast imaging fellowship are skilled in executing, reading breast ultrasound exams, and interpreting MRI breast images.

  5. University of California: They have the advanced and among the most complete fellowship training in breast imaging in the country – and even in the world. With their latest technology, fellows who completed training in UC are more likely to have advanced studies in digital mammography, interventional procedures (processes and procedures) ultrasound execution and interpretation and MRI. Fellows in UC are given the liberty to work with breast surgeons, radiation oncologists and pathologists.

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Remember, applicants are required to submit all the necessary documents before these universities start the processing. Study your options well and do your homework in research. You can find even radiology fellowships UK by visiting another page on our website.