Check the List of MSK Radiology Fellowships

MSK Radiology Fellowships


If you want to apply for MSK radiology fellowships, it is important you know which university is the best choice. You need to have a good list so that you will know what you will consider and choose. With a radiology fellowships list, you can able to apply for the best.

Note that program directors pay great attention to applicant’s application package so you should do your best to craft an effective and strong radiology fellowship personal statement to get noticed and, as a result, get matched!

Best MSK Radiology Fellowships

  • UNMC: The University is offering a one year musculoskeletal radiology fellowship. They are accredited and consist of full time faculties. Fellows and faculties of the radiology fellowship are invited in rheumatology discussions and have the chance to meet local professionals. With them, they have in-house conference.

  • UAB: UAB radiology is offering a diverse range of experience in MSK and interventions. Students will be involved in all aspects of studies as well as in performing MSK procedures. They ensure that fellows will have broad experience and attend interdisciplinary conferences in orthopedics, rheumatology and pathology.

  • Washington University: The fellowship program of the school provides an advanced training as well as extensive exposure in ultrasound, tomography, MRI, genitourinary fluoroscopy and gastrointestinal. They are offering a superb opportunity in order for students to become proficient in aspects of MSK.

  • Stanford University: The department of radiology of the institution is offering a one year clinical fellowship in abdominal imaging that consist of four week clinical rotations on US, MRI, CT, cardiovascular imaging and biopsy. Residents will receive the best training they need.

  • University of Virginia: They are offering a one year training fellowship that focuses in aspects on musculoskeletal imaging. The best thing is that fellows will acquire the needed experience in a wide variety of procedures. When it comes to responsibilities, it includes supervising, research, resident teaching and clinical work.

  • UCSD: The MSK fellowship of the university last for one year and consist of research and clinical work responsibilities that restricted to musculoskeletal. In the university, students will find incredible patient types and experiences.

  • University of Utah: The MSK fellowship is offering training in MSK imaging: bone, sports medicine, trauma, general orthopedics, rheumatology and soft tissue tumors. The program is focused in offering advanced imaging.

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To know more information, you need to check out the fellowship program you want. With the listed universities in this page, you can able to meet your needs and get the training you need for your career.

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