Best Pediatric Radiology Fellowships

Pediatric Radiology Fellowship


If you want to apply to the best pediatric  or MSK radiology fellowship , you need to make a good research. There are great programs you can check out but it is important to know which university you like the most and meet your goals.

Pediatric Radiology Fellowships

  • University of Washington: The department of radiology is offering a year of ACGME certified pediatric radiology and is offering more than 80,000 l examinations yearly in imaging modalities. With them, students should be involved in research and clinical. Fellows will gain expertise in oncology, neonatology, neurosciences, interventional imaging, vascular, musculoskeletal and heart/chest disorder.

  • UCSF: The pediatric radiology fellowship program is providing a comprehensive training in a pediatric radiology subspecialty for those students who provide the best personal statement radiology. Every student rotates for 2 months to the program, interprets and performs all examinations under pediatric radiology. Students will also attend conferences that cover all aspects about pediatric radiology.

  • UCLA: The pediatric radiology of UCLA is offering a 2 year ACGME approved position. They are accepting 1 fellow each year. More than 24,000 examinations are being performed each year in general pediatric imaging which include abdominal, musculoskeletal imaging, pelvic and chest as well as computed tomography, ultrasound, pediatric neuroradiology, magnetic resonance imaging and more.

  • Duke University: The pediatric radiology of the institution is dedicated in providing 3 missions: providing imaging services and excellent care for patients, physicians and families. Provide research and education to fellows. They are offering imaging tools for management and diagnosis pediatric disease which include fluoroscopy, MRI, CT and radiographic imaging.

  • Vanderbilt University: The pediatric radiology of the school is offering 1 year fellowship and offering participation in modalities which include fluoroscopy, radiography, CT, ultrasound, MR and nuclear medicine. When it comes to pediatric subspecialties, it includes neuroradiology, musculoskeletal imaging and interventional radiology.

Knowing the best list for pediatric radiology is important so that you can able to get the best education, training and experience allowing you to have a rewarding career the time you will graduate. If you know the best and leading, it helps you to become a better physician. Start to choose the leading fellowship radiology program today to satisfy yourself.

Make sure you will have the best for yourself!