What Body Imaging Fellowships Exist?

Body Imaging Fellowships


Searching for body imaging radiology fellowships in Singapore or any other country is necessary when you need it in supporting your education. In fact, there are lots of fellowship in body imaging exist offered by the top notch institution in the world. If you want to know about it, it is better when you check out this page to know more information.

Body Imaging Fellowships

  • University of California: The body imaging fellowship of the university is a clinical fellowship in US, MR and CT. It provides training in state of the art imaging which include cross sectional 3d imaging. Students are expected to spend six months in training with a focused in either US, MRI or CT. The fellowship program is offering a unique experience in high risk obstetrical ultrasound with approach working with genetic counselors, sonographers and perinatologists.

  • Mayo University: The school is offering a one year body MR fellowship program, and has a broad in-depth and broad curriculum covering all fundamentals of magnetic resonance imaging. The fellowship was established in providing academic and clinical training at the same time working with experts. The program is offering extensive exposure and hands of experience in treating and diagnosing techniques. Exposure to magnetic resonance equipment modern hospital facility and more.

  • UAB: The body imaging fellowship program of the university is offering advanced training in ultrasound, CT and MRI. The fellowship is well rounded that serve as a strong foundation for private practice and academic careers. Fellows will able to meet specific goals such as performing interpreting and prescribing body imaging studies, guidance for research, teaching skills, communication skills and acquiring role models for future endeavors.

  • Brown University: The University offers a one year fellowship program with comprehensive training in aspects of breast imaging which include diagnostic and screening mammography with breast ultrasound, digital breast tomosynthesis, interventional breast procedure and MRI.

  • Keck School of Medicine: The University is offering vascular and interventional radiology that provide trainees with clinical, hands on training and didactic training in its subspecialty. The program was organized in offering full time fellowship and comprehensive experience.

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