Interventional Radiology Fellowships Programs

Interventional Radiology Fellowships


Interventional radiology is abbreviated as VIR or IR and referred as surgical radiology. It is a subspecialty in of radiology that utilizes on image guided procedures in treating and diagnosing diseases. If you are seeking for interventional radiology fellowships, here is a list and you can find musculoskeletal radiology fellowship program or more by visiting another pages, for example, how to write interventional radiology fellowship personal statement.

Best Interventional Radiology Fellowships

  • McGraw Medical center of Northwestern University: The University is offering fellowship in interventional radiology that last for one year. It is approved by ACGME and providing exposure to a full range of interventional and vascular radiology. They are performing wonderful interventional procedures which include CT, drainages and ultrasound guided biopsies.

  • Johns Hopkins University: The interventional radiology program is offering 1 year ACGME accredited training positions. They are one of the best universities you can choose when it comes to fellowship program because they are reputable and well know in the world.

  • University of Maryland: The interventional radiology of the university includes right full time faculty and three physician assistants and much more. The school is an active and strong focus in interventional research. Fellows will participate in IR research with a goal in preparing abstract for submission to Society of Interventional Radiology.

  • University of Washington: If you have an interest with interventional radiology fellowship, University of Washington is a nice option. Their program is one of the exciting and dynamic in their institution. The service is associated with a full spectrum of nonvascular and vascular procedure in pediatric and adult populations which include stenting, diagnostic angiography, percutaneous angioplasty, percutaneous tumor, embolization, thrombolysis, and much more.

  • Medical University of South Carolina: The interventional radiology of the university is offering 4 positions every year and it is ACGME approved. Choosing them is a nice option since they are well known and can bale to provide the education you are looking for.

  • University of Illinois: The University is offering a fellowship program for students who want to level u their knowledge on interventional radiology.

If you only want the best for yourself, then you need to begin searching for the leading and best interventional fellowship radiology  program or musculoskeletal radiology fellowship for yourself so that you rip all the opportunities and benefits they are offering.

Begin to choose or search for the fellowship program you want today!